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Course Description

Following the fascinating history and culture of animation, the fundamentals, styles, and aesthetics of animation are explored. A variety of production techniques and technology such as Cel Animation, claymation, rotoscoping, stop motion, Telecomics, and finally ending in the use of computers for 3D, modeling and animation are discussed and used for a variety of required projects. Students will have an introduction to modeling, texturizing, rigging, and animation using industry standard software. Useful for those interested in animation for video/film, web, art or game design. This course has the option of a letter grade or pass/no pass. ADVISORY: Basic computer skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Student will be able to write a script, develop a storyboard and produce a short animated story.
  • As a member of a small team, student will be able to analyze an animation and discuss social, political, and technical aspects of the animation.
  • Student will be able to produce a short animated PSA for a Gavilan department or program at Gavilan College (i.e., client)
  • Student will be able to create an animated story scene by photographing a stop motion, frame by frame animation, either with drawn paper images or clay figures.
  • Student will be able to think of an original short story (subject and character), analyze the story, develop the main character, and produce an animation showing the character's soul, feelings, and strengths.

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