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Course Description

This is a writing course which emphasizes expository writing, argumentative writing, and critical reading of expository prose. It is meant to train students in clear thinking and reasoned support of ideas. Students will be given the opportunity to read models of good expository and argumentative prose and learn the techniques of good writing. These include choosing appropriate subjects, developing restricted, unified, and precise theses and presenting supporting evidence in a logical, lucid, and effective manner. To achieve this end, students write no fewer than six essays (a minimum of 6,000 words) and read at least five works, two of which are book length. (C-ID: ENGL 100) PREREQUISITE: English 250 and English 260 or equivalent with grade of 'C' or better or satisfactory score on the English placement examination.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply analytical reading strategies such as summarizing, annotating, interpreting, paraphrasing, synthesizing, and responding to texts, including identifying and evaluating the authorís thesis, methods of support, audience and tone.
  • Recognize and practice specific rhetorical strategies and utilize appropriate strategies for completing a variety of writing tasks in a variety of disciplines, such as report writing, timed essay exams, research writing, sustained analytical essays, etc.
  • Construct a unified, coherent, and developed essay in standard English that defends a position and features a clear thesis, relevant supporting evidence, and control of conventions.
  • Apply research techniques, such as locating, evaluating and summarizing sources and integrating research findings into essay in MLA format, to the creation of a research essay.
  • Demonstrate ability to write effective college-level prose, using strategies applicable to GE and interdisciplinary courses.
  • Recognize and practice steps in the writing process.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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