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Course Description

A series of workshops and directed learning activities allowing individuals to study specific writing strategies and points of grammar and punctuation use. Individuals develop a plan of study as suggested by instructor recommendation and diagnostic assessment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Note: Workshop topics are followed by their SLOs. Annoying Misspellings: Recognize the most common misspellings and use correct spellings
  • Adjective Clauses: Understand how adjective clauses are formed and create simple to extended adjective clauses
  • Recognize the eight most common sentence patterns in English and use subjects,verbs, and objects/complements to create sentences in each of the patterns. Recognize coordinate conjunctions and use them to connect words, phrases, and independent clauses. Recognize and correct fragments in writing. Recognize subordinate conjunctions and use them correctly to join clauses and sentence
  • Identify the most common kinds of errors an individual is making and know how to avoid or correct them. Proofread one's own writing effectively by using strategies and skills appropriate to the individual
  • Vocabulary in Context: Understand meanings of words by using contextual clues

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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