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Course Description

This class is a continuation of English 9A, with an emphasis on further development on the craft and production of various forms of poetry and prose, including drama, fiction, poetry, and narrative non-fiction and includes the writing, reading, and discussion of such works. The class remains primarily experiential, providing many opportunities for generation of new pieces of writing, some time for gentle encouraging feedback with a greater focus on developing leadership skills in that area as well as a deepening knowledge of terminology, in order to develop better understandings of both the process and craft of creative writing. PREREQUISITE: English 9A with a grade of 'pass' or C or better.

Learning Outcomes

  • Employ and identify a variety of expressive elements in the production of poetry and prose.
  • Recall and apply terminology such as plot, character, setting, image, dialogue, structure, form, stanza, verse, meter, rhyme, and fact and analyze the effect in a variety of poetry and prose texts.
  • Compose, appraise, and revise plays, stories, poems, memoirs and research and reporting-based pieces of writing.
  • Select and prepare a collection of creative work.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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