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Course Description

This course is a composition course for ESL students that develops college composition skills through a review of the parts and elements of the English paragraph and an introduction to the essay form. The course focuses on the development of a paragraph and expands to the writing of multiple paragraphs in an essay. Basic rhetorical patterns and methods of organization are covered using the multiple-draft approach to writing. PREREQUISITE: ESL 543 with a grade of C or better or ESL Assessment Test recommendation. ADVISORY: Recommended concurrent enrollment in ESL 552 and ESL 554.

Learning Outcomes

  • Express thoughts in English focusing on fluency and self-discovery.
  • Practice different prewriting strategies in writing assignments.
  • Outline single paragraphs and multiple paragraphs.
  • Write paragraphs with topic sentences, body support, and concluding sentences.
  • Differentiate among simple, compound, and complex sentences and use correct punctuation avoiding run-on, comma splice, and fragment errors.
  • Analyze the organization of ideas in different writing samples with a variety of rhetorical patterns.
  • Identify and develop an educational plan with a counselor.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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