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Course Description

This is a high-beginning/low-intermediate ESL Pronunciation Course. Students will participate in a variety of communicative activities designed to improve their pronunciation. This course focuses on clear pronunciation of vowels, consonants, dipthongs and clusters, accurate word stress and rhythm, and the connection between spelling and pronunciation. It also introduces the concept of sentence intonation. This is a pass/no pass course. ADVISORY: ESL 510B or ESL Assessment Test Recommendation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Ask about the pronunciation of unknown words.
  • Listen to native speakers, monitor one's own speech and adjust pronunciation accordingly.
  • Differentiate between and pronounce English vowels, consonants, dipthongs and clusters.
  • Identify spelling variations, follow spelling rules and correlate them with pronunciation.
  • Divide words into syllables and identify basic stress patterns in words.
  • Practice fundamental rhythm and intonation patterns in basic sentences.
  • Utilize the IPA (or other phonetic system) to describe sounds and decipher the pronunciation key in a dictionary.
  • Communicate using increasingly accurate pronunciation.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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