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Course Description

This course is designed to develop individual learning skills among students who are eligible to receive learning disability services. Students will explore and develop their own individual learning styles and investigate positive practices and strategies in order to be successful. The course content includes learning strategies, self advocacy, organizational skills, fundamental critical thinking, and college orientation and survival skills. ADVISORY: Completion of GUID 557 or demonstrated academic deficit.

Learning Outcomes

  • Navigate and utilize Gavilan online systems including Self Service Banner, myDegreeWorks, SARS scheduling, and iLearn.
  • Apply research and decision making skills to major selection, transfer objectives, and/or career decision making.
  • Student will examine personal learning styles, time management and decision making strategies within one's own cultural framework.
  • Student will learn strategies and test taking techniques to improve study habits and learning of subject matter based on their learning skills.
  • Student will evaluate and learn assistive computer technologies that will improve success.
  • Identify an educational goal and complete an education plan.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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