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Course Description

Evaluation and application of academic study methods to achieve subject matter mastery. Development of critical thinking skills, and application of reading, writing, note taking and test taking methods to improve personal strategies. Exploration of personal lifestyle and health factors, including the causes and management of stress, as it relates to academic success. Assessment of academic and career goals, selection of majors, and development of education plans. Topics covered include creative and realistic goal setting, academic and life management, college and community resources, library and Internet use, time management, and techniques to reduce math and science anxiety. This class will address a multitude of cultural learning styles, with emphasis on attaining professional, personal and academic goals in a diverse society. Topics from developmental psychology, learning theory and personality theory. ADVISORY: Eligible for English 250 and English 260.

Learning Outcomes

  • Student will identify personal lifestyle, life balance and assess health factors including habits of diet, sleep, exercise, alcohol/drug use and levels of personal stress as affected by culture, race, gender, disability and sexual orientation and how these factors relate to academic success.
  • Student will examine personal learning styles, career aspirations/life goals, and time management and decision making strategies within one's own cultural framework.
  • Student will develop memory, note-taking strategies and test- taking techniques to improve study habits and learning of subject matter.
  • Student will apply critical thinking, reading and writing processes to gain comprehensive understanding of academic subjects
  • Student will apply learning techniques to reduce math and science anxiety in various settings.
  • Student will discuss issues of intercultural communication with an academic and professional environment
  • Student will examine educational/career options and campus resources; develop individual educational plan.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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