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Course Description

History of the United States from Reconstruction to the present. Emphasis will be placed on distinctive patterns of political, economic, social, intellectual, and geographic developments within their global context. At the conclusion of the course, the student should understand major themes in the history of the United States, and be able to explain various ways in which ideas about federal vs. state power, ethnicity, class, and gender divisions have influenced the nation's development. This course has the option of a letter grade or pass/no pass. (C-ID: HIST 140) ADVISORY: Eligible for English 1A.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify, distinguish, and interpret significant events, individuals and theories speicfic to US history from Reconstruction to the present.
  • Describe, evaluate and assess key political, cultural and socioeconomic factors as they developed from Reconstruction to the present.
  • Describe contemporary social and political values, and assess their historical linkage.
  • Demonstrate clarity, fariness and objectivity in assessing and debating historical events.
  • Demonstrate college level reading, writing and critical thinking in the formulation of research assignment/s.
  • Demonstrate academic integrety, discipline and honesty in class conduct and assignments.

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