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Course Description

This class introduces contemporary foreign cinema and includes the examination of genres, themes, and styles. Emphasis is placed on cultural, economic, and political influences as artistically determining factors. Film and cultural theories such as national cinemas, colonialism, and orientalism will be introduced. The class will survey the significant developments in narrative film outside Hollywood. Differing international contexts, theoretical movements, technological innovations, and major directors are studied. The class offers a global, historical overview of narrative content and structure, production techniques, audience, and distribution. Students screen a variety of rare and popular films, focusing on the artistic, historical, social, and cultural contexts of film production. Students develop critical thinking skills and address issues of popular culture, including race, class gender, and equity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the recognition and use of the basic technical and critical vocabulary of motion pictures.
  • Identify the major theories of film interpretation.
  • Demonstrate the recognition of and the subtextual layers of cultural meanings in foreign films
  • Identify and describe the history of and emerging voices of European, Middle Eastern, Asian, African, and Latin American Cinema

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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