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Course Description

A wide variety of lectures on general themes offered to students throughout the academic year who want short-formatted content to augment their personal, academic and career development. General themes to be explored are: Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Pre- employment, Decision-Making, Financial Literacy, Career and Personal Development and Self-Management with Nutrition. This noncredit course is a combination of lecture, self-assessments, group activities and individual modules.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will complete one personal self assessment to identify interpersonal skills or traits that they possess
  • Students will identify the key factors in good communication and its importance in building healthy and successful relationships
  • Students will compose a resume, cover letter, and one letter of reference
  • Students will practice filling out three job applications and then analyze their responses
  • Students can define, recognize and distinguish between appropriate vocabulary in social and workplace settings
  • Students will role-play the interview process and determine what are acceptable verbal responses
  • Students will identify and list the four steps in a decision- making model
  • Students can recognize the influence of values on needs, wants, goals and attitudes
  • Students will complete the Job Chart Inventory and identify one of the twelve major careers interest areas that they have
  • Recognize common nutrition vocabulary used in food preparation, nutrition charts and individual diet.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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