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Course Description

This academy includes instruction on basic fire fighting skills, laws and regulations affecting the fire service. The course will provide the student with knowledge and skills to safely perform, under minimal supervision, essential and advanced fire ground tasks, basic rescue, basic fire prevention and fire investigation tasks and to use, inspect, and maintain fire fighting and rescue equipment. Curriculum is intended to provide the minimum required training required for the State of California Fire Marshal in the field of Fire Technology as it relates to firefighters. This course is 480 - 720 hours, 10 - 15 units. ADVISORY: Eligible for English 250 and English 420.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify ways police, fire and local government relate directly and indirectly with organizations in their communities
  • List the four categories of hand tools used in the fire service and the inspection and maintenance procedures of power tools
  • Explain the theory and fundamentals of heat transfer, fundamentals of combustion, elements of fire and describe how the removal of any one of the elements will result in the extinguishment of the fire.
  • Recognize fire-resistive construction and how to use it to your advantage during a fire.
  • Coordinate the type of personal protective equipment needed for different exposures and locate the equipment on the engine
  • Operate and practice with the components, accessories and functions of self-contained breathing apparatus.
  • Compare the different types and applications of portable fire extinguishers for successful extinguishment of small fires.
  • Examine ropes and webbing, checking for fiber separation, unusual wear, abrasions and discolorations and record findings.
  • Identify the fire attack methods to combat fires as safely and efficiently as possible and a systematic approach to the fire fighting operations to eliminate confusion and inconsistency on the fire ground.
  • Identify three principal environmental elements affecting the start and spread of a wildland fire.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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