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Course Description

An introduction to microbiology with an emphasis on bacteriology. Includes the study of morphology and physiology of microorganisms, a survey of infectious diseases, immunology and techniques for culture and control of microorganisms. This course is also listed as BIO 8. PREREQUISITE: Biological Science 10 or 15 with a grade of credit or C or better. ADVISORY: Chemistry 30A and Chemistry 30B; eligible for English 250, 260 and Mathematics 205.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply knowledge of basic principles of microbiology to practical situations.
  • Apply knowledge of chemistry to understanding microorganisms.
  • Explain basic biological principles as they occur in microorganisms.
  • Describe the role of microorganisms in health, disease and the environment.
  • Describe basic concepts of immunology and explain the role immunology plays in human health and disease.
  • Discuss molecular genetics and biotechnology and their applications.
  • Demonstrate basic laboratory skills which will be applied to conduct experiments with microorganisms.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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