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Course Description

This 160-480 hour variable course is designed to meet the California Corrections Standard Authority (CSA) requirements for entry level training of Correctional Officers for adult institutions. The course includes lecture and practical application skills and knowledge including roles and responsibilities of the adult corrections officer, Title 15, Title 24, professionalism and ethics, and proper techniques to maintain the safety and security of inmates. ADVISORY: Eligible for English 250 and English 420.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and demonstrate ethical standards and acceptable behavior required for correctional officers.
  • Describe the appropriate procedure for processing inmates within the jail including, booking, receiving and releasing
  • Recognize the importance of proper security precautions and procedures for maintaining security in a correctional institution
  • Identify the legal and ethical issues associated with violating statues concerning privileged communications, including those for the officer, the department, the inmate and the community.
  • Discuss the priorities and responsibilities of a correction officer during an emergency situation
  • Identify proper principles for appearing in court and the consequences of poor performance, including testimony documentation and preparation.
  • Demonstrate proper first responder CPR and First Aid procedures.
  • Define and discuss Title 15 relative to the medical and psychological treatment of prisoners and the potential liability for non-compliance
  • Recognize the proper protocol and safety procedures for transporting an inmate outside of the institution
  • Recognize and apply the principles of effective communication, both orally and in writing

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