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Course Description

This is a 164 hour course is certified by the Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) and meets the content and hour requirements established by POST for Level III Reserve Police Officers. This course combined with current PC 832 certificate, Level I and Level II certificates meet the regular basic academy requirements. PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of POST course entry requirements for Level I, Academy medical clearance, CA driver's license and medical insurance. Penal code section 13511.5 DOJ clearance per Penal Code section 13511.5 requires DOJ clearance for each applicant to a basic course of training certified by the commission that includes carrying and use of firearms, and who is not sponsored by a local or other law enforcement agency, or is not a peace officer employed by a state or local agency, department, or district, shall be required to submit written certification. POST Read/Write Exam and The Academy WSTB Physical Agility Exam.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will examine the importance of leadership, professionalism and ethics and how they relate to the profession, the department, the officer and the community.
  • Identify community policing goals, including; reducing and preventing crime, fear of crime and improving the quality of life in the community Examine a peace officer’s role in relation to the protections and rights included in the following amendments to the U.S. Constitution and related California Constitution.
  • Discuss reasonable force as stated by law and discuss factors that can affect a peace officer’s response when threatened with danger.
  • Demonstrate the elements to accurately shoot a firearm and describe environmental and physical conditions that can impact the effectiveness of a chemical agent
  • Produce the crime elements required to arrest for providing a false identity to a peace officer, falsely reporting a criminal offense, falsely reporting an emergency, obstructing or resisting an executive officer by use of threats or force, threatening a public officer or disarming an officer, and recognize the crimes classification as a misdemeanor or felony
  • Analyze the term racial profiling and describe personal, professional, and organizational benefits of valuing diversity within the community and law enforcement organizations
  • Demonstrate principles of defensive tactics and explain the purpose of using restraint devices on a subject
  • Evaluate the importance of taking notes in preparation for writing reports and apply appropriate actions for taking notes during a field interview.
  • Assess potential hazards of freeway driving and appropriate actions to prevent collision under stress while driving a patrol car.
  • Analyze circumstances which may cause evidence to be excluded and recognize a peace officer’s role in ensuring the admissibility of evidence.

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