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Course Description

A course to train investigators in the highly specialized field of Homicide Investigation. It will cover the legal aspects of death investigation, homicide crime scene procedures, autopsy, psychological profiling, criminal psychology, laboratory work, gunshots, asphyxia, drowning, burning, cutting, and stabbing, and interviewing techniques. ADVISORY: JLE 100

Learning Outcomes

  • Determine manner and mode of death (i.e., homicide, suicide, natural, accidental, unknown death) from autopsy.
  • Distinguish the role of the Medical Examiner/Coroner in a death investigation.
  • Recognize and have the ability to differentiate ways bodies can be identified..
  • Compose an investigation report to include: different wound types, animal/insect, self-inflicted, the three characteristics of gunshots and the three types of sharp force wounds as well as the cause of death.
  • Compare the factors in determining time of death to include loss of body heat, rigor mortis, postmortem lividity, liver temperature, and environmental factors.
  • Appraise, evaluate, compare and assess aspects of a crime scene.
  • Analyze the levels of suspect mental awareness the different types of personalities i.e., normal, neurotic, psychotic, personality disorders.
  • Differentiate types of schizophrenia and review case studies.
  • Differentiate types of delusion to cause paranoia, mass murder and work place violence.
  • Differentiate personality disorders such as bi-polar, obsessive compulsion, dependant disorder, histronic, psychopath and paranoid. Differentiate each personality disorder in order to be able to use certain interview techniques applicable to the disorder.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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