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Course Description

Fundamentals of journalistic writing and analysis of news values and news writing. This course stresses organization and structure of news stories; the language and style of news writing; the basic lead and story types for print and broadcast media. This course offers students an opportunity to practice the fundamental skills of print news writing, learning to use news judgment and to follow a set journalism format for the construction of news stories. (C-ID: JOUR 110) ADVISORY: Typing skill; English 1A eligibility.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will plan, formulate&compose news stories, requiring them to restate facts, describe people&conditions&explain&report on current events
  • Students will define&apply standard journalistic practices
  • Students will schedule time for reporting and writing&define, relate&compare their own best practices.
  • Students will describe&translate constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech into practical language&define libel&best ethical journalistic practices, differentiating between standard&sub-standard ethics
  • Students will diagram&analyze existing new stories by appraising lead sentences, perspective paragraphs, overall structural codes&the use of quotations, statistics and anecdotes in journalism
  • Students will work with each other to appraise&revise each other's stories
  • Students will debate, criticize, question&compose responses to current events&participate in discussions about appropriate content for the newspaper
  • Practice and demonstrate the basic skills of print news writing

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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