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Course Description

Historical development, philosophy of law and constitutional provisions; definitions, classifications of crime, and their applications to the system of administration of justice; legal research, review of case law, methodology, and concepts of law as a social force. Explores crimes against persons, property, and the state. (C-ID: AJ 120) ADVISORY: AJ 10; Eligible for English 250 and English 260.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the goals and characteristics of criminal law.
  • Explain the adversary system and sources of criminal law.
  • Discuss the philosophical and historical evolution of criminal law, noting the role of the judiciary in its development.
  • Know the basic terminology, definitions, and theories of criminal law.
  • Identify elements of offenses against the person, property, morals, and public welfare.
  • Classify crimes according to severity.
  • Explain the concept of lesser included offenses.
  • Explain capacity to commit crime, causation, and culpability.
  • Critically analyze various components of our system of criminal law.
  • Explain and discuss criminal defenses, legal justifications, and burdens of proof.

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