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Course Description

This course is the first half of the Elementary Algebra course. It will cover signed numbers, evaluation of expressions, ratios and proportions, solving linear equations, and applications. Graphing of lines, the slope of a line, graphing linear equations, solving systems of equations, basic rules of exponents, and operations on polynomials will be covered. PREREQUISITE: Math 402 with a grade of 'Pass' or with a 'C' or better, or assessment test recommendation. ADVISORY: Concurrent enrollment in Guidance 563A is advised.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify, describe, and demonstrate ability to work with fractions and signed numbers.
  • Apply addition and multiplication properties in solving linear equations
  • Formulate and solve word problems including use of formulas, ratios, and proportions.
  • Identify and solve linear inequalities, Demonstrate the ability to graph the interval on the number line.
  • Identify and sketch the graph of the linear equation.
  • Calculate the slope of the line and apply three forms of the linear equation to establishing the equation that fits a data.
  • Demonstrate the ability to graph linear inequalities in two variables
  • Apply the graphing, substitution, and elimination methods in solving systems of linear equations
  • Apply acquired skills in solving systems of linear inequalities
  • Identify bases and exponents, demonstrate ability to use product rule for exponents.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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