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Course Description

An introductory course in differential equations that covers: first order differential equations including separable, linear, exact, homogeneous, bernoulli and Euler's Method; second order differential equations including homogeneous, nonhomogeneous, variation of parameters, method of undetermined coefficients and reduction of order; series solutions to differential equations; Laplace Transforms; linear systems; and if time, Fournier Analysis; and applications thereof. (C-ID: MATH 240) PREREQUISITE: Mathematics 1C with a grade of 'C' or better.

Learning Outcomes

  • Formulate, analyze and solve differential equations of first, second, and higher order equations involving linear, separable, exact, homogeneous, linear systems, Euler's numerical, method of undetermined coefficients, variation of parameters, reduction of order, Laplace Transforms, series solutions, and Fourier Analysis;
  • Solve applied problems encountered in engineering, physics, and other physical sciences, working both in groups and individually.
  • Use the Existence and Uniqueness Theorem to determine whether a solution to a differential equation exists and is unique. Compute Wronskian to determine whether two solutions are dependent or independent.
  • Use technology to find numerical approximations to differential equations and to analyze d.e. problems and solutions.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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