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Course Description

Math 8A prepares the student for the study of calculus by providing important skills in algebraic manipulation, interpretation, and problem solving at the college level. Topics will include basic algebraic concepts, complex numbers, equations and inequalities of the first and second degree, functions, and graphs, linear and quadratic equations, polynomial functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations, matrices and determinants, right triangle trigonometry, and the Law of Sines and Cosines. PREREQUISITE: Mathematics 233 with a grade of 'C' or better. The instructor will be using and supporting TI-83 Plus graphing calculator in all classroom demonstrations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze and solve linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic equations
  • Interpret and apply the definition of a function and analyze graphs of functions
  • Demonstrate ability to graph functions
  • Differentiate between linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions
  • Recognize functional patterns in data and demonstrate the ability to use regression analysis to model data
  • Apply problem solving and algebraic techniques to increasingly sophisticated applications
  • Describe the difference between angle and radian measure and demonstrate ability to convert from one form to other
  • Apply right triangle trigonometry to a variety of application problems
  • Solve systems of equations and inequalities using graphing, elimination, substitution techniques, matrix algebra, and determinants
  • Demonstrate a mastery of the matrix operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and finding inverses

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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