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Course Description

Philosophy 1 is intended as a survey of the major areas and traditions of philosophy. The course examines central and significant questions about the meaning of life, who determines what is morally right or wrong, the ideal society, the various notions social justice, what is reality, and many other ideas. In pursuing these questions, students will be asked to read texts from writers around the world, both contemporary and ancient, discuss current events, and apply 'theory' to movies such as "The Matrix" trilogy, novels, and any other relevant application of the student's own choice. (C-ID: PHIL 100) ADVISORY: Eligible for English 1A.

Learning Outcomes

  • Critical analysis of text with evidence of synthesis of information in order to move from simple reiteration of concepts to applications.
  • Demonstration of proficiency with distinguishing between primary and secondary sources, and commentary/critique of those texts
  • Employ techniques of basic argumentation as a means to support an interpretation of text and/or a unique personal theory designed for a specific topic (e.g. foundation of reality)
  • Develop a critical and mindful awareness of the distinction between the profoundly different approaches to philosophical inquiry, particularly the non-linear approaches of many Asian and African cultures, along with paying attention to the supposition of gender/ethnic/class distinctions in theorizing.
  • Development of both quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis
  • Apply philosophical concepts to other disciplines, such as social science, psychology, literature

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