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Course Description

This course is an FAA Part 147 course designed to prepare the student for their FAA Airframe and Powerplant (A and P) certificate. This course will provide the student with a thorough understanding of the use of maintenance publications, maintenance forms and records with emphasis on A and P mechanic privileges and limitations. Basic electricity for aircraft from Ohm's Law through transistor theory will be taught as well as ground operation and servicing of aircraft. Both theory and practical application to aircraft are taught. COREQUISITE: AMT 111, Airframe Structures. ADVISORY: Mathematics 430.

Learning Outcomes

  • Student is able to identify good practices and workmanship required in the aircraft maintenance profession.
  • Student demonstrates the ability to read aircraft technical literature and applies it to designated projects.
  • Student identifies and explains the facts, principles, and theories that relate to the operation of mechanical appliances and technological processes related to aircraft.
  • Student memorizes and identifies the basic scientific vocabulary necessary or the attainment of essential objectives related to aircraft.
  • Student is able to contrast and assess the readjustment necessary in the transfer from the training situation to the initial job situation.
  • The student discovers the occupational demands specifically related to aerospace technology
  • The student will perform and demonstrate with skill all lab assignments in the curriculum with confident mechanical skills.
  • The student applies training to perform, discriminate, judge, and solve problems related to aircraft repair.
  • The student will demonstrate knowledge and skills to perform the tasks required for the FAA Aircraft Technician license General section.
  • The student will evaluate and judge safety related situations regarding aircraft for airframe maintenance and inspection.

Last modified: November 25, 2014
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