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Course Description

This course is part of the curriculum required by the Federal Aviation Administration to obtain certification as an aircraft powerplant maintenance technician. This certificate allows the rated technician to perform maintenance, preventive maintenance repairs and alterations to USA FAA certified aircraft powerplants. This section covers theory of operation, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting procedures of powerplant systems and their relationship to the total powerplant installation package. To include lubrication, electrical systems, instrument systems, fuel metering, fire protection, starting systems, powerplant control systems, and the aerodynamics, theory and maintenance of propellers and their control systems. ADVISORY: Successful completion of AMT 100 and 101. Basic hand tools required. Details at the first class meeting.

Learning Outcomes

  • Student is able to identify and apply good practices and workmanship required in the aircraft maintenance profession.
  • Demonstrates the ability to read and use aircraft maintenance related technical literature with comprehension.
  • Identifies facts, principles and theories that explain natural phenomena and the operation of mechanical appliances and technological processes. And is able to interpret and use the aforementioned to properly analyze mechanical processes to organize, plan, assess and strategize the performance of safe aircraft powerplant maintenance in real world practice.
  • Is able to demonstrate the use of the basic scientific vocabulary necessary to explain mechanical processes, and is able to locate, identify, list and describe applicable aircraft powerplant and associated components for the attainment of essential aircraft powerplant maintenance objectives.
  • The student will be able to inspect, analyze and assess, the aircraft powerplant, propulsion, and associated support systems for the purpose of maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs in simulated real world hand-on conditions.
  • The student will be able to use, interpret and apply regulatory, technical and service information manuals to apply proper procedure to disassemble an aircraft engine. Inspect, measure, and assess the proper repairs and component replacement for reassembly, to airworthy conditions.
  • The student will be able to research , evaluate and interpret aircraft powerplant maintenance log data for proper entries and compliance with FAA regulations.
  • The student will be able to interpret and apply FAA regulatory data to perform his duties as a licensed aircraft mechanic with safety and integrity.
  • The student will make use of critical thinking and reaction skills necessary to safely maintain aircraft powerplants and propulsion systems in an airworthy condition.
  • The Student will develop computer based data mining skills to obtain the necessary information to properly assemble and record reports pertinent to aircraft powerplant inspection, maintenance, troubleshooting, in accordance with FAA and manufacturer requirements.

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